A sinus lift procedure involves entering into the lateral side of the sinus, elevating the membrane and grafting the space with bone harvested from the side of the jaw, mineralized or dimineralized bone and platelet rich plasma.  The use of platelet rich plasma involves harvesting a small amount of the patient’s own blood.  Platelets are removed from the blood and concentrated in a solution which is mixed with the graft material.  This promotes the success of bone grafts.  In our experience the success rate of bone graft is about 80-85%.

Four to six months are required for a bone grafting to consolidate before implants can be placed.  With the sinus lift procedure you will experience swelling, pain and bruising in and around the tissues where the surgery has been performed.  You may also have a transient sinusitis which should clear up within ten days after surgery.  Following bone graft procedures patients can expect to experience some swelling, discomfort, and bruising over surgical site.  Most patients tolerate bone grafting procedures easily.

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